Petroleum,Chemicals & Mining Company Ltd,
(Previously Known as Saudi Binladin Group -PCM Division)     

Health Safety & Enviornment Policy

Petroleum, Chemicals & Mining Company Limited (PCMC) is committed to provide safe workplace for all employees, clients, contractors, suppliers/vendors and visitors in all facilities and project sites. PCMC believes that by joining hands with all clients and its associates, all occupational risks and impacts are preventable.

PCMC will protect people, property, communities, prevent pollution and continuously maintain the industrial standards of safety, security, health and environment in all its operation. Accordingly the Company will;  

Urge all employees and visitors of their health, safety and environment responsibilities and regularly measure their performance;  

Assess, identify and eliminate or manage ill health, safety risks and environmental impacts prior to beginning any operation or activity and continue to review such risks and impacts, complying with all applicable legal requirements, laws and regulations that relate to its health & safety hazards and environmental aspects; 

Convey health, safety and environmental objectives and procedures regularly to employees and all affected parties;  

Educate employees and provide resources to maintain job competencies, including health, safety and environment responsibility and accountability;  

Outline and construct facilities utilizing recognized best practices to safeguard people, property and environment;  

Manage and maintain Company facilities to assure the health and safety of its own employees, clients, suppliers/vendors, contractors and visitors;  

Mandate contractors, suppliers/vendors and visitors adhere to the Company’s HSE policies, procedures and goals;  

Be ready for emergencies and other contingencies and respond promptly and effectively to any incidents or accidents resulting from our  projects operations;  

Act to report all incidents, review performance and communicate progress;  

Ensure to promote off-the-job health and safety and community awareness and;  

Review, analyze, take action and improve the Company’s health, safety and environment program and performance continuously.  

Safety Statistics For Last Five Years   

Year Total Employee Worked (Man-hours) Recordable Incidents (RI) LTI Rates * RI Rates *
Number of Lost Time Incidents (LTI) Total Recordable Cases (TRC)
Fatalities (nos) Other (nos) LTI Total (nos)
2013 9,241,291 0 0 0 4 0.000 0.087
2014 9,494,200 0 0 0 1 0.000 0.021
2015 10,517,715 0 0 0 2 0.000 0.038
2016  12,300,305   0 0.000  0.000 
2017 10,264,944 0 0 0 5 0.000 0.097


(Jan ~ Feb)

1,936,172 0 0 0 0 0.000 0.000

* LTI & RI rates are rates per 200,000 man-hours



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