Petroleum,Chemicals & Mining Company Ltd,
(Previously Known as Saudi Binladin Group -PCM Division)     


General Construction Off-sites and OSBL (Under Fluor Arabia Ltd)
The Scope of Work includes civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, process pipelines & structural works which includes - 26 (20 + 6) Cells
Cooling Tower (180m x 35m x 24m) including motors, fans, internals, gearbox and associated electrical & instrument works.
Summary of Key quantities: Piping on Sleepers (CS&SS) 140 km (4100 tons), Piping on Rack (CS & SS) 45 km (1200 tons),
Configured Piping (CS) 16 km (200 tons), 132”/90” CW U/G piping 2 km (1563 ton), FRP Piping (108” ~ 1”) 10 km, Equipment 500 tons,
Structural Steel 2,800 ton, Hot Tap 5 nos., Conduit Works 80 km, Cable Trays 16 km, Cables 250 km, Instrument 8000 nos., Lighting Fixtures 1,500 nos.,
Grounding 125 km, Excavation - 700,000 m³, Backfilling 500,000 m³, Concrete 45,000 m³, Rebar 4,050 tons, Epoxy Grout 200 m³ , Non-Shrink Grout 600 m³,
HDPE Liner 40,000 m². (Period: Apr-02 to Mar-05)

Linear Alpha Olefins Unit (Under Linde)

Construction of process plant underground systems, equipment foundations including piling works, retention basins, sumps. Detail engineering,
supply of materials and construction of control buildings, substation and emergency generator buildings. (Project Period: Oct-04 to Oct-06).

  • GulfFarabi

Civil, U/G Piping & Elect. Works – Gulf Farabi n-Paraffin & LAB Plant Project (Under SNC Lavalin) The Project was approx. 1.5 Million Man-hours
job and major scope constitutes of 25,000 CUM concrete, 60,000 SQM asphalt, 10,000 LM FBE coated CS piping, 12,000 LM RTR piping and
all area lighting for the plant. ( Project Period: Dec-04 to Jun-06)

  • Royal Commission Works 

Earthwork for RC Zones A,B,C&D Stage-1 of Jubail-2 (Jul-04 to Feb-06)
Scope includes massive earthwork operation such as 21 million m³ of cutting and backfilling and haulage to an average distance of 2 kms, Clearing of vegetation, trees, bushes to an area of 17.5 million m² and disposal outside contract limits,development of storm water pond involving 1.6 million m³ of earthwork in excavation over an area of 799,000 m², Haulage of soil to an average distance of 2.5 kms. ..

SWC Wet wells and Pipes for Secondary Industries Park (RC Jubail) (Period: Jan-02 to Apr-04)
Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Testing of 2000mm x 8.01 KM and 1200 x 2.15KM FRP Sea Water Cooling pipelines

  • SAMAD – Ammonia Plant De-bottlenecking Project.

(Sep-01 to Jan-02) The job is a lump sum contract involving Civil, Structural, Mechanical,Piping, Equipment and internal installation, Electrical Instrument, Insulation, Painting, Catalyst & Chemical Loading and unloading and Fire Proofing works.


Major scope of work includes building of five(5) nos 13.8, 115 and 230KV substations. All utilities, lighting, HVAC,fire protection, plumbing and associated facilities and foundations for power transformers for these substations are also part of this project (Period: Nov-98 to May00)


Civil Works - PE Plant (Under Linde) (Period: May-06 to Dec-08) Construction of various foundations, pipe racks, waste water pits, cable trenches, ducts, ditches, etc. and also control room building, electrical substations. Earthworks (280,777 M3), Concrete Works (72,935 M3), FRP U/G Piping (6500 LM), Fire Proofing (6275LM+800 sqm) Earthing (18,500 LM) Cable ducts (1200 M3), Buildings (7,235 M2). Total man-hours: 6,068,242 Peak Manpower: 1400

  • KEMYA EXPANSION PROJECT Sub-Station Buildings

Procurement and construction of 5 nos. sub-station buildings (13.8KV, 115KV and 230KV) including all utilities, lightings, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing and associated facilities and foundations for power transformers with 4,850 M³ of concrete works, 260 MT of steel structure works, 57,600 LM of cable laying works and 1,750 M² of roofing works.


Client : Royal Commission for Yanbu / MARAFIQ
Engineering, Procurement and Construction of RO Plant

  • Infrastructure of Stage 2, Phase 2 (065-C46R)

Client : Royal Commis s ion - Jubail
Brief Description : Procurement, Construction, T esting and Commissioning of 26 KM Seawater Cooling (SWC) pipelines (4m x 12.5 km, 3m x 8.3 km, 2m x 3.2 & 1.5m x 2km)


Civil, U/G and Building Works for Amine Project (under CTCI) -Project Period: Jul-10 to Nov-11
Construction of all civil works i.e. pile trimming, foundation for Pipe Rack, Pipe Sleeper, Equipment, Pumps and Tanks, all U/G piping work including trenching, Buildings work including water proofing, Gypsum Board/insulation, raised access floor, HVAC, F/Fighting System, Fire Alarm and all other E & I Works, construction of Sumps, HDPE installation, CP Work, paving, area grading and road works. Major quantities are as per below:
Concrete 18,500M3, Rebar 2,500 Tons, Coating 48,000 M2, HDPE Liner 1,800M2, Sumps 8 nos. of max. size 7.5m x 15.5m x 6.5m deep, Buildings 8 nos.
(Substation Building, Remote Instrument (RIB) Building, Chemical Storage Warehouse, Operator/Lab, Ethoxylate Building, PHU Building, Drum Filling Storage House and Ticket Office), U/G piping 12,500 LM (16,000 Ø)

  • SHARQ 3RD EXPANSION PROJECT Early & Main Civil Works (U&O Project) - (under Foster Wheeler)

(Project Period: Jan-06 to Dec-09) Construction of Tank, Pipe Rack & Equipment Foundations, Dike Walls, Paving, Oxygen Line (2.4 KM), Fire Water, Waste Water & Foul Water Pipe Lines (20 KM), Cable Trenches, Ducts, Sump & Basins, Fencing, etc. Embedded items steel structure (44 MT), Concrete (97,282m3), Excavation 450,000 m3), Dewatering System (18,000 LM), Backfilling (380,000 M3), Rebar (7,427 MT), Asphalt Road (114,00 M2), Cable trenches (20,000LM), Fire water main (14,000LM), Pre-Cast element with erection (6540 UNITS), Grounding cable /electrical cables (37.000 LM), Sheet piling (1.2 km). Total man-hours: 8,172,449 (Peak Manpower: 1,300)


(Project Period: Aug-07 to Feb-10) Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Piping, Insulation and Painting ( CSMEIP) to the Cooling Water Island. Major scope constitutes of 26,000 LM Piping (182,847Ø“), 700Ton Pipe Supports, 3,136Ton Equipment, 5,563Ton Structural Steel, 2,619Ea Field Instruments, 78Ea Fire Alarm System, 37,600LM Cabling, 137,111M3 Excavation, 169,304M3 Backfilling, 29,453M3 Concrete, 54,408M2 Form Work, 38,558M2 Water Proofing & 2,301 Ton Rebar. Total man-hours: 5,884,370 (Peak Manpower : 1,400)


(Project Period: Sep-10 to May-12) Main Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works for 120K Expansion Project which includes Excavation (12,035 M3), Backfilling (9,241 M3), Concrete (3,096 M3), Road Works (420 M2), SS & CS Building (1360 M2), U/G Piping (1,495LM), Erection of Structure Steel for Pipe rack & process building (1800Ton), Erection of Process equipment i.e. Stationary, Rotary, Packages, internal of equipment, etc. (1200Ton), Fabrication & Erection of Process & utility piping (37,000 LM) including pipe supports (80 ton), all other associated work i.e. Painting (14,000 M2), Insulation/Fire-Proofing (13,700 M2),, MV/LV MCC & SWG (90 Ea), MV, LV Cable Laying (313,915 LM), MV,LV Termination (1,327 Ea), Cable Tray (31,449 LM), Instrument Installation (2,262 Ea), Modification on existing equipment, testing and pre-commissioning / commissioning assistance.


This project is part of King Abdullah project for extension of the two holy mosques in Al Hojon District, Makah, the scope of work contain excavate with the heavy equipment and with blasting in two areas (conventional and critical) and dump the material at Binladin dumping land in Resefah area (17km from the project site).


Lab Expansion Project - (under Uhde Arabia Ltd.) (Project Period: Sep-10 to Feb-12) The brief scope of work shall include, but shall not be limited to process plant Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works including: GULF FARABI – LINEAR ALKYL BENZENE (LAB) EXPANSION PROJECT EXPERIENCE Civil: supply, foundation, super structure, roads, erection of technological structural steel works, fabrication, welding, testing of RTR & CS U/G piping under the supervision of Vendor specialist, fabrication, erection, welding, testing of epoxy lined U/G piping, Cathodic Protection (CP) system design, supply,
installation and commissioning through the vendor from GULF FARABI approved vendor for under ground epoxy coated piping and steel storage tank bottom Mech: Equipment erection, Insulation, Fire Fighting and Associated Heater Works E&I Supply and Installation of Electrical, Instrumentation and Associated Works, etc. of LAB Expansion Project at Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Major scope constitutes of 54,389 LM Piping, 1,503 Nos Valves, 41,009 LM Painting (Piping), 5,640 M2 Painting (Eqpt), 2,592 Ton Eqpt. Erection including Oil Heater, 175 Ton Pipe Supports, 97 Ton  Catalyst Loading, 477,654 LM Cabling, 7,569 Nos cable termination, 27 Nos. Switchgear, 2,082 Instruments, 327 Nos. Panel & Junction Box, 66,453 LM Cable Tray, 25,320 LM RGS Conduits, 52,334M3
Excavation, 55,920M3 Backfilling, 9,251M3 Concrete, 18,852M2 Form Work, 3,878DI U/G Epoxy Coated CS Pipe, 1,195LM RTR Pipe & 573 Ton Rebar 

  • Najran Boarder Patrol Road 

Brief Description : This Project is part of the infrastructure work (Roads) in Najran and it contains rock cutting (using heavy equipment and blasting), filling and prepare the sub-grade base for the length of 19.15 km  

  • EPC of Spherical Tank for Butene-1 at Petro Rabigh 

Client : Rabigh Refining & Petrochemicals Company
Brief Description : Design Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 21.2 Meter diaspherical Tank for Butene-1 and the associated work sat Petro Rabigh 

  • Various Works related to Ibn Rushd II U&O Project 

Client : Ibn Rushd
Construction Work For Naphtha Transportation Pipeline, pipe support and pipe stanchion FDN, on-plot FRP Under Ground piping, Construction and Shoring / Dewatering,Brief Description : Construction work for Yanpet, Construction work for Valve Box, Construction work for Electrical Instrument Duct work - Ibn Rushd Ii U&O Project  

  • Fabrication and erection of piping works - SADARA MFC PRROJECT. 

Client : SADARA
Brief Description : piping work 

  • Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project - Mach, E&I Works 

Client : LUBEREF
Brief Description : Structural Steel, Mechanical, Piping (field), Electrical and instrumentation works 

  • Three (3) RO Plants 

Client : Ministry of Water & Electricity Al Qasseem, KSA
Brief Description : Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 3 RO Plants at Al-Shamassiyah (15,000 m3/day), Al Nabhaniyya(40,000 m3/day) and Al-Gawwa (25,000 
m3/day) respectively 

  • EPC - Sea Waeter RO-4, 100,000 M3/Day capacity 

Client : Marafiq
Brief Description : EPC - Sea Waeter RO-4, 100,000 M3/Day capacity 

  • Shamil R.O. Projects at HAIL 

Client : Ministry of Water & Electricity, HAIL

 Brief Description : Engineering, Procurement and Construction of one RO Plant with the capacity of 150,000 m3/day at Hail. 


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